Welcome!  Regol-G Industries is a Cleveland, Ohio based manufacturing company with three main divisions:

    Blank Computer Mouse Pads, Wrist Rests, & Coaster Division
    Contract Sewing Division
    Outdoor Travel and Recreation Accessories Division


Most orders are currently shipping in 2 business days (or less) 

Regol-G has shipped over 4 million blank mouse pads worldwide. Black Mouse Pad  White Mouse Pad  Blank white mouse pads  black mouse pads  white mouse pads  blank white mouse pad  coasters 

Our Contract Sewing division has sewn just about anything you can imagine from aprons to insulated walls for the space shuttle.

RGI Outdoors (formally Cartom Products), our Outdoor Travel & Recreation Accessories division makes a wide variety of products from insulated bottle carriers to GPS cases and Polar Hoods. 

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